Welcome to newest reincarnation of a front page for – Here you will find general information about the site as well as domains hosted on the site or managed by the webmaster of the site.

This domain has been active since ultimo 2001, however the webmaster have been actively involved with the Internet since its infancy long before the web was invented by Tim Berners-Lee, in 1989, back in the days when even USENET was still brand new, and long distance communication was carried out over 1200 baud modems. A lot has happened since then and things are still evolving, new ideas continually come into play, and thus it is fitting that this site should also be updated regularly as new things comes along or just a cosmetic brush up, to make things more pleasing for visitors.

The meme of the lastest incantation of this page is: Modern, Pleasing and yet Simple and as such the page is written by hand using standard HTML 5 and using CSS to keep structure and style separate (to make it easier to change style later), and yet simple to maintain and quick to load. Some older pages and web-services using 3rd party software uses XHTML or older HTML versions.

What is it all about?

The domain was originally intended to be used as a personal domain, but that changed quickly as the domain started hosting services for other people and catering to more interests than just the owner of the domain. So the thing that keeps the individual pieces together is that the owner is the main webmaster of the various services and webpages found on the site and hosts stuff that is deemed interesting professionally, personally or both. Occasionally the site has also been known to help launch services for other domains, both web services but also other Internet services for a limited time until these services could be launched successfully on their own domains. In addition to this the webmaster has helped others as a consultant with planning, implementing and optimizing web- and Internet based solutions for years.

Why can't I find it anymore?

I'm so sad

If you're looking for something particular that you know was on this site, it has either been moved to a new site, as per above, or it disappeared in the Great Crash of 2010! The Great Crash of 2010 was a data-loss disaster, involving a disk crash during a disk-to-disk backup, overwriting the only existing backup of a data-disk that contained the majority of web-pages related to the domain as well as a large portion of personal photos by several people involved in the domain, including webmaster.

If the item was lost in this disaster, it is unfortunately most likely gone for good. In the meantime, it's time to fill the void with some new stuff…

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